Two brand new half-day vegan courses to try out

Posted on the 15th June 2018

This year we’ve been revamping many of our courses. All our Vegetarian Society Cookery School experiences are focused on one core outcome: being able to cook something amazing.
With that in mind, we have been expanding our range of half-day courses, having debuted our Master the Basics: Tofu experience to fantastic reviews last year.

When we surveyed people last year, you told us you wanted to discover new tips and tricks in the kitchen, and these two experiences will leave you feeling inspired in just three hours…

Master the Basics: Seitan Vegetarian Society Cookery School

The Seitan Guru aims to answer the questions you may have – what is seitan, and what do you do with it? Over a half-day, you’ll get to grips with this versatile and interesting ingredient, made of wheat gluten, as you learn to make it from scratch, introduce flavours, and cook in a number of ways. If you’ve ever wanted to make it or just fancy trying it, you’ll now be able to do it from the comfort of your own kitchen!

Master the Basics: Vegan Cheese Vegetarian Society Cookery School

The Vegan Cheese Maker is another course we’re very excited about. With a comprehensive introduction to making dairy-free cheeses in such a short space of time, you’ll leave here confident enough to recreate various soft and hard cheeses from cashew, coconut, almonds and even tofu!

With the opportunity to try out new ideas and new ingredients, and take home all the information you need to make them yourself for any occasion, our new half-day courses are sure to get your taste buds tingling.

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