Balance out the Christmas comfort with ‘The Healthy, Easy Veggie’ experience

Posted on the 19th December 2017

We all know how easy it is to spend Christmas time over-indulging. With mounds of roast potatoes and veggies, rich puddings and chocolates abound, it’s just too tempting to put the health-kick to one side until the New Year kicks in. When 2018 comes round, however, having some delicious-yet-healthy recipes up your sleeve can really help balance out the excesses of the festive season…

This is where our ‘Light, Healthy and Easy’ course comes in – jam-packed with an assortment of delicious and filling meals that are as light as they are nutritious.

When healthy veggie food tastes this amazing, it can make it so much easier to counteract the effects of those Christmas-time family gatherings, which so often feel like a seven-hour banquet!

So what can you expect to do on this course?
Healthy never means boring in our eyes, and we specialise in delivering colourful dishes that can tantalise your senses as well as cheer up your insides!

With a focus on the whole day’s nourishment, we start off with the essential way to begin your day… breakfast!

Today, smoothies are an ever-popular choice for those in a rush or who simply want a convenient way to increase their fruit intake. They are also easy to digest. We help you learn about some of the best morning combinations available to help start your day the right way.

Getting the nutritional content right is key to making sure we’re giving our bodies all they need for us to feel good. This course will show you how to create fresh, wholesome, delicious salads; zingy, satisfying soups; filling, flavoursome meals; and even a healthier Thai curry.

It’s dishes like this that make it easy to eat healthy food – because they are simply a joy to eat.

So, if you’d like to come and discover the joys of making food that tastes good and does you good, get yourself down to the Vegetarian Society Cookery School for your next cookery experience!

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