International Flavours to savour at the Vegetarian Society Cookery School

Posted on the 5th October 2017

At the Vegetarian Society Cookery School we love everything veggie – there are so many ways to make the humble vegetable taste delicious – from the modern to the traditional the variety of flavours from around the world can make any vegetable dish delicious enough to stun anyone into a happy silence.

That’s why we have a wealth of different classes celebrating the various cuisines throughout the world, and we thought it was about time we told you some more about them.

Indian vegetarian society cookery school

Curry favour with curry flavour

It would be strange to start off a topic like this without delving deep into the delicious delights of Indian cultures and appreciation of spices that make Indian vegetarian food one of the nation’s favourites. We have three different classes, so you are sure to get a ‘dosa’ what you’re looking for. All of our Indian courses are run by the charismatic Nina and Sumita, who have an incredible amount of experience, recipes and TV appearances behind them.

For those who want to try a bit of everything and learn how to make the most amazing sauces and spice blends, as well as all of the delights and delicacies of your local takeaway, our ever-popular Indian Masterclass is calling your name.

If you’re after replicating some interesting flavours and breads more commonly eaten with fingers than cutlery, our Vegan Indian Street Food workshop can show you how to cook all sorts of savoury stunners such as samosas, idlis, golgappas and a variety of chutneys to accompany them. This one fills up quick so be sure to grab your spot!

When you want an even more eclectic experience, you can find out how to relate to recipes from various regions in our Regional Indian Cuisine course. This workshop can help you to get to grips with the sheer variety that comes from such a huge country. By the end of this class you’ll know your dosa from your dhokla and your pav from your pakora.

Sticking with the spices

If you want to explore beyond India but still learn how to celebrate veggie food with a fragrant array of spices and herbs beyond India, our Asian and Oriental Inspired Cooking experience can lead you down the right path. With the chance to master a little bit of every region, from China to Japan to Korea, all the way down to South East Asia through Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, you can tantalise your taste buds with so many new flavours it could take forever to try them all.

Kochujang Asian and Oriental Inspired Vegetarian Society Cookery School

Hopping across continents, if you’ve been seeking ways to elicit the beautiful collisions of culinary flavours of the North African region, we have just the thing for that. With storied spice blends such as harissa and ras el hanout, alongside a love of tagines and beans, there is something for everyone with dishes from Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt to excite the senses and stimulate our dinnertimes.

Travel across the Americas

Moving onto the Americas, our Mexican Cooking Class is a popular workshop where you can discover how to craft the perfect veggie burrito, gourmet guacamole, and find out just how many amazingly tasty things you can do with a tortilla.

vegan burrito recipe vegetarian society cookery school

Heading north, come on our American Cooking Class and be enlightened by the wonderful array of vegetarian dishes steeped in a rich American history (as well as some rich American sauces), and several decadent desserts. This isn’t fast-food; it’s all about dishes that get the whole family round the table.

Our Caribbean Cuisine workshop gets you started with a whole heap of beautiful spice blends, and then shows you what to do with them. From plantains to patties, and everything in between, with a chance to use breadfruit, callaloo, papaya and other native ingredients, you can bring some sunshine to everything you create.

Well-seasoned and European

Completing our final chapter of our culinary world tour is an area a bit closer to home. Our French Cooking experience celebrates simple dishes that are turned into something exquisite. From a real French onion soup to making a proper Hollandaise sauce, to gratins and just about everything Patisserie-perfect when it comes to pastry, this short hop across the channel can inject your kitchen with some wonderful flair.

French vegetarian society cookery school

Moving a little south and we come to Spanish Cuisine. Famed for Tapas and the kind of sharing food you’d just as happily scoff all to yourself, this workshop will leave you desperate to make those moreish crispy croquettes, alongside the kind of tortilla you’d welcome in any restaurant.

Last but far from least is one of the cuisines that may well have influenced Britain most. Our Italian Cookery Class demonstrates the sheer wealth of options when it comes to delivering amazing vegetarian Italian food. From mastering homemade pizza, pasta and gnocchi alongside an incredible tomato ragu, to learning more of the amazingly simple, yet delicious recipes that are available to vegetarians, this one is as good as it sounds.

So there we have it – plenty for you to tuck in and get stuck into.

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