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Posted on the 19th September 2017

We were delighted to launch a brand-new five-day Foundation Certificate in Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking last month – and we’re even more delighted with how the first outing went.

Suitable for beginners, aspiring chefs, and caterers wanting an in-depth insight into incredible veggie food, this course explores all the essentials of vegetarian and vegan cooking. With our expert tutors on hand to keep attendees at ease, this is a great way to develop an excellent foundation with which to continue some fantastic veggie adventures.

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Welcoming visitors from as far away as Brussels (and as nearby as our Greater Manchester doorstep), our Vegetarian Society Cookery School’s first venture into the Foundation Certificate proved to be a massive success.  Here’s a little more about what our wonderful students said…


Kay, 56, wanted to enhance her knowledge as she and her husband both recently became vegetarian.  Kay said she picked up a variety of things during the week, ranging from knife skills, to bread making, pasta, sauces, cake-making… “There are too many to mention!” said Kay, who went on to say she learned “a great deal about vegan food.”

Confidence in the kitchen

Jane said she came here to gain confidence in vegan cookery. Did the course deliver for her? “Most definitely” she assured us! Jane also told us how the course helped her develop a repertoire to enable her to continue her vegan diet healthily and enjoyably.

A regular visitor

June, 67 from Cheshire, is a regular visitor to the Vegetarian Society Cookery School. She said:

I have been to other courses at the Vegetarian Society and have long awaited this one as a good foundation on which the others build and add to.” When asked what she felt she had gained from the course, she commented: “So much! The theory behind food and its cooking, as well as practical know-how, tips, hints and ideas… I’m going away with skills I never believed possible.

June, Cheshire

Developing skills
Next we spoke to Russell who came to the Vegetarian Society Cookery School to develop his cookery skills in vegetarian and vegan cuisine ahead of starting up his own business. Russell told us he came away with new cooking skills, and an awareness of ingredients, techniques and options in preparing veg dishes.  He also told us he gained an insight into workings of a professional kitchen – which should stand him in good stead in his future career. Russell said he can’t wait to get home and knead some fresh bread and pastry. When we asked what he might say to others considering the foundation course, Russell said: “Try it! You’ll love it!”

For a vegan business
Christie, a 27-year-old from London, chose to do our Foundation Certificate in order to become more confident in vegan cooking with a view to eventually starting a business. Admitting she was “useless before” Christie said she now feels “confident and excited to get in the kitchen.”  We asked her what aspect of the course she was most excited about trying out at home – to which Christie said: “Literally everything!”

From Belgium with love
Nikoletta, 38, visited all the way from Brussels for the five-day Foundation Certificate course. When asked why she chose the course, she said she was looking to expand her knowledge and skills in veggie cooking, learn tips, pick up new recipes, and one day “possibly engage myself professionally into cooking.” When describing the experience, Nikoletta happily told us: “It definitely met my expectations; it is a very complete course. It’s an excellent introduction to veggie and vegan cooking, including a wide range of recipes and the nutritional side of cooking.” Nikoletta told us she was leaving with an “enthusiasm for good food and new ingredients” and that she is very much looking forward to making tofu again!

Vegan variety
Carmel from Southport said she wanted to “gain more knowledge of vegan cooking and confidence”. She told us that having taken the course she felt she had gained an improvement in her overall cooking skills. In terms of what she’s looking forward to cooking again at home, she said: “The course has given me the confidence to venture out, so will make something I haven’t yet cooked!”


Here at the Vegetarian Society Cookery School, we’re happy to see so many inspired people ready to turn their kitchens into a haven of incredible food. If you have been looking to master the basics and create dishes you’ve always wanted to, our five-day Foundation Certificate in Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking is for you. Judging by all this humbling feedback, it’s exactly what all of these students have been looking for too.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’d like to find out more about exactly what happens during the week, check out our in-depth guide here. Remember, places fill up quick, so grab your spot today and learn to chop, slice, sauté, season, sizzle, bake (and everything else), just like a chef!

Foundation Certificate in Vegetarian & Vegan Cooking (5 Days)

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