Chefs' Professional Diploma
A 5-Day Intensive Training Programme for Chefs, Caterers and Restaurateurs

If you are a professional chef, restauranteur or maybe just an experienced cook wanting to get into vegetarian catering, this Cordon Vert Chefs' Diploma is for you. 

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What’s it all about?

Meat-free meals

In recent years there has been an ever increasing demand for healthy, meat-free meals. Chefs, professional caterers and menu planners are discovering that vegetarian options can no longer be a last minute thought.

Increasing Demand

The Cookery School is the home of vegetarian cuisine and, since its inception in 1982, has trained hundreds of chefs through its Diploma programme. Participants have learned how to create truly spectacular vegetarian food that their customers will want time and time again.

Innovative cuisine

The Vegetarian Society Cookery School remains at the forefront of promoting innovative vegetarian cuisine and has trained a diverse mixture of people ranging from pub cooks and school cooks to university chefs and 5 star executive head chefs.

Vegetarian cuisine is changing and customers are becoming more sophisticated. If you don't catch up you will be left behind.
Paul Gayler, Executive Chef of the Lanesborough Hotel, Hyde Park

How the Diploma Works

Our intensive Cordon Vert Professional Chefs' Diploma programme aims to train participants in all aspect of vegetarian catering over just a few days.

We start off with practical workshops aiming to give our students a foundation base in vegetarian cuisine, techniques and food flavouring. Although the course is mainly practical it also includes a mixture of tutor talks and group projects.

Topics cover understanding vegetarian diets and nutrition, looking at suitable ingredients, how to avoid common pitfalls and providing solutions to unfortunately recurring problems. The course steadily progresses to cover advanced menu planning, dietary restrictions and fine dining.

A practical exam is held on the final day of the course before students are presented with their well earned Cordon Vert Diploma.

Group Bookings

For groups of three or more people discounts are available with a choice of dates to suit our schedule.

Call us

If you'd like to discuss course content or or make easy payment arrangements call the Cookery School Manager on 0161 925 2014.

If you a really serious about vegetarian cooking I recommend the Cordon Vert Professional course. It is not a leisure course, it is hard work, but that is what makes it so valuable - and rewarding.
Chris Cutler, owner of The English Tea Room

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